2013 Volvo V60

hybrid Volvo was the first manufacturer to offer in 2013 a model with a diesel plug-in hybrid engine. Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid 2013 In recent years, the number of car models with hybrid drive is much higher, and the first plug-in hybrid models are already available. A special innovation but Volvo is now launching on the market that combines 2013 Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid that is a diesel engine with a rechargeable electric motor at each outlet. The combination will create an even more efficient and also provide for the performance of other hybrid models in the shade. It serves as the basis of the Volvo V60 D5, whose 2.4-liter 5-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 215 hp and the plug-in model is giving good service. In addition, a 70 HP joins (50 kW) electric motor by a 11.2 kWh lithium-ion battery big draws its energy. Volvo Volvo would not, they would not have paid attention to in the development of the security.
The batteries are positioned on the rear axle and thus have a very safe place in case of accidents, even with a strong rear-end collision to the dangerous cargo happen. In addition, Volvo has also developed an optimal cooling for the batteries so that their life is extended. At first sight you can see the V60 plug-in hybrid to the patch with the message, and the gas cap in the front fender, behind which is the plug for recharging. With a 10A socket fully charge the batteries takes place in 4.5 hours, who has a higher security can complete the loading process even faster.
The interior of the Volvo is finely equipped (it is only in the upscale trim line "Summum" offered) equal to recognize the newly designed digital speedometer, the first time celebrated its premiere in the V40. Besides the large speedometer, the bar graphs are for the flow of energy and the charge state of the battery. In the center console, behind the selection lever of the 6-speed automatic, three buttons for selecting the desired drive mode are housed. The driver can choose between "Pure", "hybrid" and "Power". In addition, the instrument panel is another key for the mode wheel (EL AWD) is available. Namely, while the diesel engine outputs the power to the front axle, the electric motor drives the rear wheels, whereby the economical combination also has all-wheel drive.
In Pure mode, you can create up to 50 kilometers solely on electricity and also silently back. At startup, the system is automatically in hybrid mode, which will meet on the diesel engine added. If you drive on gently, working only the electric motor, as long as the batteries are charged. Only after a courageous step on the accelerator turns then add the diesel engine. Both engines work together then turn the power mode and the economical combination for Sport Wagon. With the power of the V60 diesel engine and electric motor to sprint in just 6.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h The extra weight of the batteries you can feel it at all, the V60 accelerates confident and very quietly up to the desired speed. During driving takes you hardly notice when the diesel engine switches added. Due to the low center of gravity, which is achieved by the heavy batteries, over the 2-ton Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is fuller on the road and has excellent handling.
The only drawback to the plug-in hybrid is the shrunk to 304 liters of cargo space. Nevertheless, one can achieve by folding down the rear seats, a volume of 1,120 liters, which one can reconcile Customers also place value on the transport properties. Very positive one then matches the consumption. Thanks to the high range in purely electric mode to get a consumption of only 1.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, while CO2 emissions are thus at only 48 g / km. By recuperation during braking to charge the batteries again and again while driving, and you really travel a lot with a lot of purely electric or electrical support. With a range of 900 kilometers, you will also create long distances without refueling.
The first impression of the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid could fully convince. The combination of powerful engine and all-electric drive offers the perfect solution for every occasion and shows that even with high efficiency must not forego driving pleasure. Production will begin in May 2013, the first copies are then delivered in September 2013. The first edition of 1,000 pieces is sold out.


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